Transitions — Notes on a Proud Past with Attention to Future Annals

This is a book project I worked on with Pamela Frenette. The book is a collection of articles written by her father, and avid outdoorsman, William C. Frenette and his life and times in Tupper Lake, New York. The articles were published in the Tupper Lake Free Press, over the course of many years. I felt honored that Pam trusted me with this project. It ended up being a 700-page book, and took a few years to complete. I am very proud of all our work. Pam and her family did a great job collecting articles, photos, maps, etc. needed to produce the book. It was a huge undertaking, but well worth it after it was all said and done. People in the publishing and printing world don’t get much recognition — Pam is one of the best publishing colleagues I have ever worked with, proud to know her and we still work together to this day. The book is available on Amazon.

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